Scripts for strip miners

So here’s an even more simple idea. Ask for the range on strip miners to just be increased? Instead of what would likely be an incredible clusterfuck to code by making modules use scripts and ammo?

Oh right… because strip miners get used a lot and if there really were an issue with their range, it would have been addressed years ago.

Another idea, ask for a “mining computer”, akin to tracking and guidance computers. Something else that would legitimately homogenize options between people who play Eve and people who mine.

Or another idea. Move your ship? I most certainly understand your desire to play without actually playing. But seriously. Your ship has sublight engines, they will get you closer to rocks. Give it a try some time. Remember to point your ship at the rocks first though, or I suspect we’ll see another asinine thread from you complaining that your ship flew in the wrong direction and there should be a script you can load into your hull to make it fly itself.

This is the best thread ever. I just can’t help but be part of it before it gets locked.

I guess I should give some actual feedback towards the topic though? Post #1 was great seed for discussion. Post #3 made post #1 not matter. The quality of the idea, and further development of the idea, is dead in the water.

ib4 lock! \o/

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Keep stroking your own ego boy

There are already ships that fit that role. As someone pointed, this is an MMO and not a Single Player game. Some roles must be done by others. And adding a module… Mining ships are already very weak and their mid slots usually goes for tank. Yes, is a drawback and is something you can think of risk/reward, but the only ships I can think of that will use that module at full potential are the Procurer and Skiff cause the rest or they dont have space(T1 only have 1 mid, except Procurer) or are too weak / too low resources to fully use it.

Also, that implies approaching a field that CCP does not want, AFK isk gain.

The same goes for you, if someone don’t like the Idea, don’t treat him like ■■■■

please explain to me how getting a booster alt or not that is afk while you mine has anything to do with an MMO? Do you know what im saying? People who mine in fleets all power to them, but you and i both know they are semi afk anyway.

It seems that you are just really closed minded, in reality scripts for miners is original and wouldnt hurt anybody.

The problem isn’t with the idea. The problem is with your posts.

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Great minds discuss ideas, small minds discuss people

@mkint, there wasn’t nearly enough REEEEEEE in your post to qualify you for this conversation.

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How do you do those nifty rectangle blocks in the text of every one of OP’s posts? Man, if only I could figure out how to use those, people would start to take me so seriously too!

Exactly as the text indicates. @ name (no space).

Sorry, the sarcasm didn’t translate. I meant the censorship profanity filter blocks.

also, add “_” if the name is composed @Old Pervert -> @Old_Pervert

I only treat people like ■■■■ who deserve it. You came in here acting arrogant, so you reap what you sow.

Anyway your counter points are weak. Its not like people are going to stop mining in fleets if we get scripts for miners.

No, they will stop bringing ships that fit that role and less people will be online, cause now you need less ships for the same job.

The very first reply to your post was an already-implemented mechanic intended to accomplish your exact request. You responded with condescension. It was productive, it was on-point, and it would have resolved it right there.

Instead, you completely derailed your own thread by being overtly hostile, whilst at the same time completely failing to counter his argument altogether.

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This is why I had to be part of this thread. It’s your thread. It is what you made of it.

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Ok, I’m done with your treatment of people.

Even if is going to be bad to me, I’ll summon @ISD_Chanisa_Nemes

I’ll ignore the last part.

No, people will stop using ships that fit that role and, as you mention they are mostly alts, so they do not login accounts, so there are going to be fewer people.

The problem is that your idea is already in the game. A module with Scripts for miner, may work or may not. But for something that is not already in the game or changing it, not adding.

I JSUT HAD HTE CRAZIEST IDEA~!~!! we need scripts for extra damage too. and those would be loaded into the heat sinks nad gyros and the miner upgrades yea… dude thats perfect… we can make scripts for abs and mwds and i think the invuls already have scripts.?

Only the Capital Ones D=

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SEEE!!! its not a bad idea…