Tracking participation on a bigger project?

I really would like an industry corp where people work together rather than having 10 alt accounts doing
everything solo.

Maybe it is not possible in Eve. But if one were to work together to manufacture a bigger project how would you track the participation to split the end profits?

Miners can get jita buy prices for example. But say you have 10 people manufacturing different components, some people are researching/inventing etc.

Anyone have experience or ideas on what metrics to track?

Some people play more than others, and some have more resources and/or better characters at their disposal which makes this hard.

One idea I thought about is you figure out a budget for the project, and people have to buy into it. The higher % you buy into the budget that will be your return on the profits. But the problem could be that a person with low buy in may do the biggest work so you also need to track participation. The inactive industrials only become investors.

It’s too complicated to organize, manufacturing is not suited for group play except sharing resources like structures, prints, and defense.

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