Trade Skills - Increase Number of Available Market Orders

Dear CCP and fellow Capsuleers,

Please increase the Player Driven Content and Interaction in this game. The more players and Player Content, the better. Please increase the Power of a Main, instead of relying on annoying alts and additional accounts.

Currently for many years the Max amount of Available Market Orders has been 305 :::
5 (Default) + 20 (Trade 5 x 4) + 40 (Retail 5 x 8) + 80 (Wholesale 5 x 16) + 160 (Tycoon 5 x 32)

Please modify the Default and Skills so that it is :::

Default - 10

Trade - 5

Retail - 10

Wholesale - 20

Tycoon - 40

New Market Order Max Total = 385, up from 305.

As you can see this is nothing radical, and increases Market Trade and Player interaction. More Trade & Flow of Goods = More PvP!

Also please Buff Contracts. The Contracts system is later going to need a major Quality of Life update and Overhaul because it has been long neglected. The Contract Hauling System is especially vital to the game for player interaction and ebb & flow of goods.

Max Available Number of Open Contracts = 21

1 Default and 5 x 4 Contracts Skill


Please buff contracts to 5 Default and 5 x 5 Contracts Skill = 30 new maximum.

This is nothing radical and increases player trade + interaction; and power of the Player. More Contracts = More courier contracts and Blueprint trading.

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I would have nothing against it but don’t think CCP will change it.

I see the market order suggestion is reasonable for the few that actually max out their orders. The contracts shouldn’t really be needed though. I feel that if you’re going to make a mass of contracts it would likely be under the guise of a Corporation and not an Individual. But that’s just my 2 cents.

There is about 16k (sixteen thousand) different item types in the game. If I want to create decent competitor for Jita 4-4, will be nice to have all of them on this Jita-competitor market.
So I propose not 64 per level, but at least
16000/3 ~ 5.3k per toon
5.3 / 5 ~ 1,1k per skill level
lets say 1024 will look good enough

as i know, there is no explanation for existing order limit

the only one i assume - order limit exists by server performance reasons

but, if there is only performance limitation I could imply any logic for order limit, e.g. “one account (three characters) should be able to cover whole market”

I don’t see any need to increase contracts as you can always use Corporate Contracting. My trade alts all have Corporate Contracting V so that adds another 50 (?) public contracts per character and you don’t need an office to use them.

As to market orders I’m a bit ambivalent on that. Adding more order slots potentially reduces the number of accounts but it does add more liquidity to the markets.

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