Update Market Order Limit

With the introduction and now dominance of Citadels, trade has become stretched and more trade hubs have begun to be formed.

However, with the sheer spread and lack of orders is very hard to really seed a market well, I run several accounts each are regularly maxed out on orders. This plus other is not enough to cover the vast amount of items for any smaller - medium corp to cover.

Allowing more orders will expand trade through all regions of eve and allow more players to enter the market almost anywhere, expanding the soak up of goods will increase prices in the long term and offer more incentive to try to make a solid market.

Beyond this, it will more than expand the use of freighters and services as people will buy bulk goods to move to their seeded market and in larger varieties of goods.

I propose we expand the skills of the trade per level from:

Format = Skill name - before - changed number - = Max at level 5 - before - After-

Trade 4 -10 = 20 - 50 (Allows more access to trade for new players)
retail 8 - 25 = 40 - 125
wholesale 16 - 35 = 80 - 175
Tycoon 32 - 75/150 = 160 - 375/750

This gives us a new limit of either 500 or 1000.

Assuming someone wants to seed a market single handly

it would require 17 accounts Minimum that is a small-medium corp of maxed skilled traders (a rare breed).

Never mind the logistics involved or the volume of goods and the isk required todo so.



The current system allows a character to place 300 market orders 20+40+80+160. 3 characters per account gives you up to 900 market orders per account with about 3 months training/character.

I don’t see this as restrictive - managing that many orders would be a full time job!

The only time seeding a market really comes into play is when you’re seeding doctrine materials.

In which case, you need but one order for each item on the list. Counting ammo and consumables, 5-10 doctrines are easily seedable by a single account.

Assuming that it’s for the intent of seeding doctrines, I’d much rather see a way to pipe multi-fit straight into individual contracts.

I think the “limitation” is appropriate. The trade community has enough power as it is. After a certain point, when you are trading with multiple accounts, expanding logistics, etc…you SHOULD be forced to either involve other people or hit a wall.

I am not saying this with bias. I am saying this because it happened to me. I hit a wall with trading and was forced to branch out and involve other players if I wanted to expand my operation. It was a healthy experience.

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