Trading and FW

As a casual player I enjoy playing EVE solo, recently I joined a Corp, and that Corp is planning to join FW.

Apperently I have a little nack for trading, for it is easy to earn my ISK and to plex my account with it, with enough ISK left to do and buy the things I want. Is that still possible when joining FW? If I understand correctly you are at perpetual war with other factions. Will I be targeted at every trade hub now if I want to trade or do missions apart from FW?

Sorry if I placed this topic in the wrong category, this is my first post :slight_smile:

You will be a target for the enemy militias everywhere in space. Members may well camp the trade hubs to try and kill you.

The best solution is to create a new character (known as an alt) and train them up to be your trader. They can also buy equipment for you at the hub and have it couriered out to the war zone.

By the way, a better place to ask sensible questions like this would be the New Citizen’s Question and Answer forum. General Discussion is for people that hate themselves and the game. :wink:


:roll_eyes: :dizzy_face: :scream: ?!!


Something something out of corp hauling char.

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