Trading spreadsheets guide/help

I about 15 days into station trading and station <–> station trading. I was wondering if anyone could help me modify this free market spreadsheet. I would like to know how to add Hek (or any station) to the drop-down menu of the buy column. And how do I copy the sell column and it’s formula so that I have two of them next to each other. This is what I had in mind →

And I know that google spreadsheets seem to have a200 item limitation so I assume I just have to make a few copies.

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In the tab “math”. you need to add Hek and edit formula in buy/sell swap so it will be in drop down menu. You can pull data for whole region instead system. That way, for example it will also pull perimeter prices not only from Jita. Just double check prices in game since it will show best prices for whole region

You can also transform sheet to single station price check for station trading. Just need to change ending of formula in tab “trading” C2 and E2. “//sell/min” “//buy/max” etc. Use google to find other options.

Sheet has limit of 152 items. After that google sheets likes to bug out. You need to make copies of sheet to have more items

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