Training bombs and ammos

I just got the skills to fly bombers but would like to practice flying such ships around first and learn to launch bombs properly. Given that most bombs are > 1M ISK, this becomes a pretty expensive exercise. So it would be great if we could manufacture and/or purchase ‘training’ bomb or ‘blanks’ that do low or no damage. Same could be argued for other ammos or missiles. Though less of an issue from a cost perspective, could be great for training new players, running fleet drills, test weapon ranges and fits, etc.

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Put up the tactical overlay and practice lining it up.

You could always practice on singularity


I spent a great deal of time on SiSi when I first got into caps; it’s a lot of isk to say “oh… that’s not what I expected…”.

Was how I learned just how utterly horrid dread tracking is with non-haw variants for example. Back when I first got them I thought “sure, I’ll warp to an anomaly at 100 and blap them before they get any transversal”… but no… even that wasn’t enough lol.

Definitely agree with going to SiSi… do bombing runs on rats in an anomaly.

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