Heavy fighter bombing runs?

I have scoured the interwebs, looked at all the youtube videos. It seems a lot of information is out of date. My roomie (admittedly not myself) is having a hard time trying to run his super cap and do proper bomb runs. He looses about 20 fighters a day in total trying to run sites, and is only making about 30 mil ticks on average for bounty. Of all the google searches I have done, not a single one actually does a TUTORIAL on HOW to initiate a bomb run with heavy fighters.

From what I have witnessed so far this is all I’ve got:

  • Select targeted thing (NPC usually)
  • Click bomb option on heavy fighter
  • A blue ring spits out from the middle of my ship
  • Aaaaand… ??? Can’t click anything. Can’t do anything. Bombs for some reason end up dropping by spam clicking, then they miss, and fighters get eaten.

Is there a video or up to date information on how to do this? I’m so frustrated right now. Thanks

your friend has more isk than he has brains

it is a sign of the new generation of eve player

if amarr victor this would never of happen


Why money can’t buy love or skills :lollipop:

Tell your roomie that just because you can sit in it, doesn’t mean you have full access to it’s potential. Same with fighters. Just because you can fly them… should you?

No I mean I looked it up myself, can’t find the information. Asked around, nobody knows. Looked for videos, there are none. No dev blogs either. Do I really need to go to EVE school and get a certification to fly a carrier??? How are you supposed to “learn how to fly” using heavy fighter bombing runs if there’s no god damn information out there??? It’s pissing me off because all I hear from him is anger and hostility all day every day that he can’t control his damn fighters

This particular forum isn’t a good source of facts unless you’re collecting information in the psychology of EVE players.

I suggest you try:
Neither are perfect for your question, but there will almost certainly be people with the necessary knowledge in both forums - the trick is getting a polite answer :slight_smile:

I’d suggest you reword the original post so every part of it is absolutely neutral in tone. As you’ve seen here, many experienced players are “drama queens”. You can’t change that, but a boring request for facts is less likely to trigger an outburst :slight_smile:

BTW if it was me I’d remove the “asking for a friend” part. It seems likely it’s a purchased character (which is EVE-legal of course). You’re not going to get useful information from people who imagine this matters, so ignore them.

New Citizens subforum for a question about using carriers? Interesting. Says a lot about progression.

EvE-legal? Yes. A good idea? Perhaps not.

Is there an answer besides usually by the time a player is flying carriers they often have the skills trained, player skill, and game experience to where operating fighters isn’t such a problem? OP if you find a different answer I for one would be interested to hear it if you wouldn’t mind sharing it.

If the character has been purchased (it seems likely), the player is effectively new to EVE, so IMO “New Citizens” isn’t a bad place to ask. I was there yesterday, and it seemed there are some very experienced players answering questions there.

FWIW I’ve played MMOs where selling characters was “game-illegal”, and in those cases I wouldn’t answer such a question even if I had the answer. But in EVE, which allows both Skill Injection and character trading, it seems reasonable to treat all new players equally.

I just found this post by chance - there’s information in the first and second posts that might help both with your specific question and overall in ratting with a Carrier. I didn’'t read any further, but your Carrier-owning friend probably should.

I have watched several videos that go into detail on what you are saying here. There are hotkeys you can set up to select targets while keeping your mouse curser hanging over top of your fighter control panel allowing you to press keys to scroll through your targets while clicking the things you want them to do. It’s very efficient.

The problem is (and I guess I"m asking for myself too since I’m training up for carrier) is this vector ring thing that shows up and specifically launching bombs from the bombers. There’s a way to do this effectively and I think I’ve got it narrowed down a little bit. The problem is I can’t fly a carrier of my own yet in order to test this out so a formal tutorial video on how to establish your fighters’ flight vectors would be really nice. It would be awesome if CCP could actually release this information directly since they made the changes recently to how fighters are controlled and yet they have released no information on how to work the new UI. I guess carrier ratters have just toyed with it until they figured it all out.

Thanks for the replies ppl. I will figure this out one way or another and post some information about it. Stay tuned…

Of course it is your roommate and not you. Who would ever think such a thing.

Oh God I’m in agreement with you on something. This is Armageddon and I don’t even fly Amarr.

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