Tranquility DDoS - 2020/05/03-08

UPDATE 13:18

The extended downtime has concluded. We are now closely monitoring all traffic and the health of our services.


UPDATE 18:52

We are going to have an extended downtime tomorrow to implement further upgrades to harden the cluster against attack. Updates will be shared in this forum thread and via EVE_Status Twitter.

UPDATE 15:10

Despite the ongoing DDoS situation, our services have been stable with the vast majority of players able to log in to EVE and play without huge interruptions. The threat is not over and we want you to be aware that issues from the last few days may still occur. Our teams remain hard at work making sure the impact from any upcoming attacks is greatly reduced.

The customer support team has been in overdrive trying to get through the influx of petitions from players. The waiting times might be higher than normal but our brave Game Masters will respond to everyone as soon as this is possible.


UPDATE 10:12

DDoS attacks are still ongoing. They differ in size, method used, intensity, and duration. We are monitoring the health of our services around the clock and working with partners in adjusting our mitigation methods. With our speedy response times, we are managing to keep the impact to a minimum. However, sudden disconnects, problems with accessing EVE, or other issues with in-game chat and Omega statuses can aggravate at times when the attacks get particularly nasty.

Our teams will continue working behind the scenes on improving the overall situation and we will keep sharing regular updates on the matter here and via EVE_Status Twitter. Thank you for your fortitude and understanding. Stay safe!


UPDATE 17:54

We have experienced a wave of disconnects that affected some of the players. In-game chat and problems with the Omega clone status can be resurfacing right now. Our team is on the case, please bear with us!

UPDATE 13:09

We will be issuing reimbursement for ships lost during high impact periods over the next few days. Please note that it may take some time for the reimbursements to be processed. If you lost a ship to these issues and haven’t received reimbursement after a few days, please file a Lost Ship reimbursement ticket and our Customer Support team will look into it for you.

UPDATE 06:33

Our teams continue to monitor the situations across all fronts, paying particular attention to reports about issues with accessing or staying connected to EVE. When reporting in on your problems, please do let us know where you are trying to connect from to help with the investigation. Thank you!


UPDATE 22:22

Our services are looking better, but there are still players that might be affected by some connectivity issues. We are keeping a close eye on the situation with the in-game chat and Omega state reports and working behind the scenes on improving the state of affairs for all pilots. Thank you for remaining calm and patient during this time.

UPDATE 18:42

We have experienced some disconnections and players might have difficulties getting back into EVE at the moment. Our team is working on the issues as we speak.

UPDATE 16:44

The services are looking better for the majority of players, but we continue to monitor the situation and work on sparse reports about login or in-game chat issues. Thank you for your understanding.

UPDATE 13:20

We continue to investigate reports on the in-game chat not working correctly for some players. Thank you for your reports!

UPDATE 11:48

Chat services have been restarted. Please try to relog at your convenience to see if that helps with the problem.

UPDATE 11:29

We are investigating reports about the in-game chat not working correctly after downtime. Please bear with us.

UPDATE 09:20

More players have been able to successfully log back in, but we continue to work in the background and monitor the health of our services. Some players may still have trouble accessing the game, staying connected, or having their Omega status correctly recognized in-game.

UPDATE 07:40

Disconnections and login issues may still occur for some players. Our help center website is currently unavailable - we are investigating and working on bringing it back.


UPDATE 19:53

Login issues persist. Just want to update you that we are still working to resolve the issues on Tranquility.

UPDATE 14:20

We have experienced some disconnections and players may have difficulty logging in. We’re tracking down the cause, please bear with us.

UPDATE 10:10

Normal service should now be restored to the majority of players however we are continuing to monitor the situation.

UPDATE 08:45

A further attack has occurred. Our team is working on the login issues.

UPDATE 06:47

The Omega account with Alpha restrictions issue is ongoing for some users. If you encounter this problem please submit a bug report by pressing F12 in the client or going here to assist us with resolving it. Also, now that our support website is working again you can file your tickets for ships lost during this period. Details are at the bottom of this post.

UPDATE 05:19

Players should now be able to log back in to Tranquility. However there may be an issue with some Omega accounts having Alpha skill restrictions. We are working on this problem.

UPDATE 04:56

Chat should now be restored although it may require you to relog.

UPDATE 04:05

Players are still unable to log in to Tranquility and those who can are reporting chat issues, lag and long delays when opening containers and hangars. Our engineers are working with our partners to resolve these issues. Thanks for your ongoing patience.


Tranquility is currently undergoing a DDoS attack which may result in disconnections or failures when attempting to log in. Our team is working on the issue now in conjunction with our partners. Please bear with us.

Anyone who lost ships due to disconnections resulting from the DDoS attacks should submit a ticket at under the Game Play Support -> Reimbursement -> Lost Ships category and they will be investigated by our hard working Customer Support team.


You guys need to investigate and find out who’s doing this crap. Its getting old!
Really need to dig in and see who’s structures are getting hosed/what timers are exposed during the DDoS attacks, and if you can correlate the DDoS attacks with a particular groups’ asset timers, then BAN THEM.

Maybe the first one, a temp ban for a day/week depending on how sure you are. Maybe give em one more warning, but no more. Next one, permanently. Not just a light tickle on the wrist, but a hard biomass of their characters and trash all assets.

I know that its unfair to a corp if one dude is paying the bill to swing a bot army at CCP’s servers, but its affecting everyone in the game, not just them and their attackers.

Imagine after the first tempban, it’d put them on notice, and they’ll internally find the idiot and punt him out. Maybe the next timer, make it so its though all their timers. Would mostly negate the reason for their DDoS.


Why do you think they’re not investigating it already ? The very reason for the existence of DDOS attacks is to hide the instigator, after all…


Denial Of Service attacks are a federal crime. Instant lifetime ban and deletion of all characters, all items, Upwell structures, and ISK is what should be done when they are caught…


The adjective “naive” was invented for the likes of you.


So you would be fine with it if they trash your assets and ban your chars if it was someone from your corp or a corp you have some alt inside?


rumor has it high sec miners are once again ddos the servers and now cant login

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Yep cant log in either

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Those damn children…

Yup, looks like another DDOS. A DDOS attacker is the only form of internet life lower than an assistant deputy forum moderator.


Yep, same here. Well, I can log in Omega accounts, but it won’t let me log in an Alpha account.


Yes, same happened one of my alts is due tomorrow but it reads Alpha but I know 100% it is not due until tomorrow.

It is not the Miners, was in Tama when it all went down

I can’t log in either…

CCP didn’t pay the light bill then?

ya super lag , i loged out , unplayable atm

“Brilliant” idea! :facepalm:

Plot twist: alliance leader renting bot net to DDoS on behalf of opposing alliance to erase them from existence.

The latest in meta gaming.


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UPDATE: 0300

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As usual, consistent network issues. Has been the same since I started in 2009.