Transferred character and no Skilling Spree active

The topic at hand.

Transferred character to a new account. Paid it.
After downtime, skilling spree not appeared.
Support is silent.

What should I do?

They mentioned something about doing case testing with login offers. Your issue seems a bit different, though.

CCP. Lf answer. Whole account is locked out from skilling spree.
New character also doesn’t have it.

Loosing skills.
Support is IDLE for 3 days.

If it’s a bug, you can reasonably expect some reimbursement but someone is going to have to go through the logs first and that someone probably doesn’t work weekends - they’re unlikely to create a critical incident over a few skillpoints.

Complaining here may make you feel better but won’t get your ticket actioned any faster.

Yeah. I understand.
Writing here, mb other ppl have similiar problem.

Pretty weird that support didn’t even answer anything. Anything at all, like “ok, we are looking into it”.

You might be stuck in the 20 day “new player” waiting period. I don’t know why that would apply…

In the service desks I’m familiar with, the front line agents are primarily responsible for triage and routing. If it’s a common issue they can resolve in a few minutes - they do, otherwise the ticket is transferred to another queue.

You should be able to track your ticket by logging in to the support site. Don’t expect communication unless the issue is resolved or they need more information. There are lots of issues that can be resolved in the time it takes to send you an email!

Also recognize that most service desks are under staffed - blame Gartner, who assume best practices and state of the art tooling when making recommendations!

This probably did the trick. With old account petition was resolved in an hour )

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