Transparency has a bug

Under General Settings, for the transparency slider to work, the “Blur the background” option needs to be selected. Otherwise, the windows are opaque and the transparency slider does nothing.

Thank you!

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Was about to post this same issue.
Here’s a .gif of what I’m experiencing

and to add to this… whats with the white noise in the windows?

also adding to this: With blur enabled, brackets don’t show through a fully transparent or light background window.
I am so used to have my windows “true” transparent and see brackets and other UI elements through it, i just can’t play without that. It’s also the main reason why i never used blur in the UI anway.

Adding a last observation. If you’re in potato mode, you don’t have the blur option. So when Photon is enabled, so your transparency is switched to 0 (even though it is set to 50%).

looks good but I cant enable light background on any windows, so will have to disable the Photon UI until this is fixed.

They haven’t added transparency for almost a month

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