Trapped in a Covetor

I have a character on an account that has gone alpha and won’t become omega anytime soon. When he last logged off, he was in a covetor in a private raitaru which has since been dropped or destroyed so he is in space. If I log into him as an alpha, what will happen since he is in a covetor? Chances are its fit now has one too many items in the midslot since the changes to barges. If I log into him, will be stuck in space and I will have to either eject or self-destruct?


I don’t have personal experience - so I can only tell you what I have heard from other players who returned. From what I heard your ship will be able to warp and dock. After you dock the modules will go offline and you won’t be able to undock it with the Alpha clone.

If you are unsure you could try reaching out to a GM also, and see if they can help or move you - not guaranteed that they will move you though.

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You can fly the ship and dock up. Once you do that, you cannot undock it.


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