Traumark Corsairs LowSec Based, PVP, Few Minimum Requirements

The Traumark Corsairs are within the Anidaza Cartel and is a LowSec Alliance that focuses mainly on PVP, but do mine moons occasionally. You do not have to move everything all at once, just join, and have fun. Real-life is always first, and you are not required to be at every event.



Buyback (Specific locations for buying everything below)-
90% Buyback Program (Mods, items, everything basically)
85% Moon Buyback after materials are processed
95% Ice Buyback (Limited to specific systems)

Discord for postings/chat/news

TeamSpeak for Comms

Main Focus-

-Black Ops: Bombers, T3Cs
-Gate Camps
-Guided PvP Practice
-Capital Warfare
-Lowsec Moon Mining

PRIMARY TIMEZONE EUTZ, ~1600-2200 UTC / Eve Time
We do have USTZ players, as everyone plays when they can.

Check us out at

Visit Discord-

  • You’d fit in if:
    You want to be part of a community dedicated to spacepixels
    You like to post memes on discord
    You like to PvP (as in: shooting people in space)
    You can take and activley seek constructive criticism to better yourself
    You can talk about your/others mistakes without getting offended or offensive
    You don’t expect to get a ping for every silly little fleet
    You understand that spacepixels and space explosions are meant to be fun
  • You probably won’t fit in with us if:
    You don’t open your discord again after getting roles or mute the whole server
    You don’t PvP
    Memes offend you
    You think everyone online has to save your butt
    You take getting told your fit is terrible as a personal insult
    You need constant entertainment without creating content yourself

Corporation Killboard here:




Lovely fellas!

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