Trig invasion - mission impossible?

Well, after realizing that in Minor Conduit I can get roaming fleet on my head (ar least twice as big as last vawe, you know…) I found the way to deal with it.
2 Nestors, 2 HG Asklepian, Nightmare and perfect bursts from Damnation. Not to mention boosters. I go to Adjacent System and got three(!) roaming fleets on me with 7 or 8 BS and A LOT of small trigs alltogather. CCP told me this site is for 3 pilots. Really?

Ok. I survived and decided never go to Adjacent System, only Perimeter. What for do they spawn Minor Conduits in Adjacents?!

Ok… And… In another Minor some good man (not an animal, no…) came and just started to bump my Nestors, so spider tank broke. I managed to warp off after killing npc tackles, but…
I have NO IDEAS how to deal with it. Don’t even bother to make a petition, lol it’s Eve whith a lot of ***.

I don’t know. They make some good content and then put it in circumstances where it become completly unplayable. Good job. Great online. Pfff…

Ok. Please, if you can, advise me what can I do not to die in Minor if some animal bumps me, breaking spider tank?!

PS sorry for English)


There are a few solutions you could try:

  1. Just get a marauder, they can solo minor conduits alone, without need of a fleet. Then you can just warp in 2 full-tank nestors to get the full reward and salvage at the very end.

  2. Running with your current fleet, just make sure you kill anchoring ships first, so no matter what, you can warp your fleet out, even if reps break.

  3. Set your ships to all orbit your main, then have your main orbit your alt, creates a ball of orbiting ships that’s much harder to bump. Combined with number 2, it means you are harder to bump and can warp if you are bumped.

  4. Use MJDs or Mobile MJD box to yeet yourself into the center of the trig field, so that you are far from warpin. This way ppl can’t just warp to 10 to the warpin and be right at optimal bump range on your fleet. They have to burn in and potentially take aggro.


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