Warping inside a minor/major conduit?

Just a heads up, if you have no interest reading whines about inconsistency in game mechanics you may proceed to next post.

I was trying to warp around while clearing a minor conduit. Selected a talassonite 200km away and ordered the ship to warp, then the natural phenomena message popped out. This problem exists even after I sealed the conduit. Tried this in sealed major conduit and got blocked from warping as well. I can only guess that maybe it’s just some cloaky trig scrammers, no big deal.

I mean srsly?! You can warp all over the place in emerging conduits(like warping to center to kill the trigs faster), but can’t warp like 50km in the bigger ones?! I simply can’t understand the logic behind such difference. CCPlease!

Maybe because the Emerging Conduits are like starter sites for that content?

That makes little sense. Minor/Major conduits already have increasing difficulty as the rats are much stronger in numbers and strength, and roaming fleets can warp in at any time, which will spike incoming damage.

Being able to warp around releases potential solution to defeat such fleet. You may adopt a hit and run tactic without using marauders, warp away from enemy for repair/cap; you may use a long range fitting and kite the trigs. This also make the content more accessible to low SP players, as they can use their skills to cover their inferior equipment.

Right now minor/major conduits are becoming boring af. Get in, LOGI on, DPS pew pew pew, and it’s over. There’s little skills involved, all you need is expensive ships with big guns and reps.

As usual, I assume CCPlease will simply ignore my complaints, so all I can do is moving on and go find other stuff to entertain myself.

hmmm, no idea about the Major…
But that seems wierd, cause last year (at least up until summer, last time i was in one) you could warp around in them

Emerging Conduits are basically Novice level sites for Triglavian content. Being able to warp around within the site makes it easier for inexperienced players to complete.

Minor and Major Conduits are basically Intermediate and Advanced level sites for Triglavian content. Not being able to warp around within the site makes it tougher for experienced players to complete.

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