Major invasion sites bugged?

Any information as to why the major conduits are not working? You can enter, but there are no Trigs.

Presumably we will have to wait until DT for fix?

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Some work some do not, I suspect the bugged ones are where a player has triggered them and then either died or warped off. The spawned npc’s then start warping around the system and the site will not complete until they are all killed.

If you can find a new site, without any portals already open and then kill everything they work fine.


Interesting observation. In current system there are four on d-scan plus four beacons. And beacons only spawn when site is triggered? And all four are not working.

After a quick scout of all three systems that appear on my Agency there were no sealed major conduits in any of them. That might just mean players are not doing them; might also mean they cannot at the moment?

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Check the sites in a rookie ship (or cloaky) if they have the open portals and no npc’s then they are bugged (or at least not complete).

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I have and they are (maybe). That was the reason for the question.

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Looking into this now, thanks for the information, guys.


Oh wow a CCP’er on the CCP forums :open_mouth:

Seriously though thanks for looking at this, my group managed to find and run a couple of these last night and they were fun.

Can / will you let us know what the reason is they bug out? Is it because the npc’s leave the site to warp around the system?

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The NPCs leaving to warp around the system it what’s puzzling me here… Have you actually observed them do this?

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Ah no, I haven’t, that was just my guess/theory as to what is happening, since the sites are empty of npc’s yet the portals are still open.

Sorry if that has confused you.

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No that’s great info, thanks! Can I ask: Can you recall if you saw 3 small conduits around the central conduit in the sites that were empty?

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Well … cant remember if it was actually three small or three in total. But there were definitely two sizes.

EDIT: yup, just flew back into one; 3 small in triangle around central conduit


Yes there were the 3 smaller conduits as well as the large central one.

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We’re just testing out a fix but for the time being we will not distribute more of this particular site.


So… we actually going to be able to run any of these during the weekend? I’ve been a massive fan of the Abyssal content since it came out, and have been excited for the Invasions since it was announced.

Really just kinda disappointed at how ad-hoc and clearly unfinished this all was.

Tone, story, lead up to it all looked fantastic, really having a hard time with the disconnect between everything leading up to this looking so good, and this being so clearly unready.


You’ve been playing longer than I. Yet you still don’t realize that CCP uses us as its beta testers??? :grinning:

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You guys should just revert everything Invasion back to day one and then put like 10k 20k 50k 100k and 200k bounties on all the invading ships, with a zoryas having 500k for all I care.


I resubscribed for this Content, I want my PLEX back this has been an utter disappointment.

Also an idea for the future, get some new people in the development of pve content. Because the ones you currently have are so estranged from what is actually happening in the game, it’s frightening.

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They drop red loot, no bounties. Also CCP got new people to code the events and invasion now, but this is a part of the problem.

Yeah 1st day was chaos and danger spawns were rapid wild and hard.
Bring this back
Dont like sites could go without them completely.
It promotes farming botting and jita scavs are everywhere.


We experienced the same. The minor conduits continued to spawn and be systematically closed. The major conduits never sealed. And 3 of the 4 did not appear to have spawns. One did have spawns, but stopped after a wave. The portals remained present in space. However no other triggers nor responses were observed.

for what it is worth:
I did not notice site spawns to leave the site (just warping around inside the site). I observed them quiet some time in a cloaked vessel on first day of release. Didn’t observe Trigs warping out of the site the second day either. They warp away 500km but stay on grid.

The second day Major Conduits were spawning we ran three Major Conduits in fleet. The first was perfectly fine.

The second Major Conduit had 1 Zorya vessel in the first spawn and did spawn 2 Zorya vessels in the second spawn and was completed after the second spawn (fleet was awaiting the third spawn to happen but got payout instead. Don’t know if we miscounted the waves or someone already did the frist wave and warped out… so take it with a “90% sure about that”.)

The third Major Conduit had 2 Zorya vessels in each spawn (“Primary is Zorya, all DPS on Zorya” - “Ehm… which one?”) and didn’t get sealed after we killed the third spawn - that time we got reports in local that the other Major didn’t seal and didn’t give payout, too)

I did observe 4 conduits in each Major Conduit site on day one, but didn’t pay attention to that on day two.

Is there anything we can do to help you bugfix? It feels to me like you are not 100% sure about what’s breaking them. Feel free to spawn them again and ask us to watch out for things of interest. They are great fun for public fleets and while having payout is nice we would run them for fun to help you bugfix them.

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