What the hell is a minor conduit escalation?

I have been wanting to do minor conduits I think I can handle the site but some people mention an escalation that means instant death for a soloist like me. can anyone explain how to avoid this escalation? it is freaking me out every time I think about minor conduits. thx

You have a chance a roaming fleet is jumping on you. This fleet can be much more powerful than the minor waves.

You can’t avoid the escalation (it will eventually happen) but you can certainly take steps to survive it.

  • Ensure you are killing the warp-scrambling ships as quickly as possible, this way, when a new fleet lands you only need to deal with the new scramblers before you can warp.
  • Be aligned out all the time (easy enough if you’re solo) so that you can warp the instant the scrams drop.
  • Watch the site on D-scan before coming back in. You can see Trigs on D-scan so you can wait until the additional ships leave the site before coming back.
  • If you do decide to take on the additional fleet, use tags to track the original NPCs in the site. This way you don’t accidentally trigger the next site wave and increase the DPS against you.
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seems to me this escalation is more for fleets . i dont think i can handle this solo. if i align the whole time it will mess up my tracking too much plus i need to stay near the mtu. a related question is will these escalations happen more often as the invasion bar progresses ? thanks a bunch

also since Minor incursion are designed for 1-3 people, is it possible to safety handle an escalation with 3? what ship fits would be needed??

The response fleet that fairly often turns up is quite large and has I think three neuting Leshsks, plus a whole cornucopia of cruisers, destroyers, frigates and the odd logi and BC thrown in. This is all on top of whatever wave(s) are spawned by the site proper. I’d actually be interested in a comp that could handle the site AND the response fleet.

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