Solo minor conduit?

I have a maelstrom fit that can run ECs and Guardian Galas easily. Assuming I went to a scouts reported system in the hope of avoiding the response fleet is it likely I could solo an MC?

I don’t know about a Maelstrom, as I never owned one, but if you can run EC’s easily, you should be fine in a MC. I can solo one in a Rattlesnake without having to run as long as I prioritize well. Once in a while, if I’m being lazy, I have to pop out for a bit to repair, but not often.

cheers, I use 425s so my effective range is 30k at max, I take it they come in close enough for me to kill?

You need to be able to apply damage efficiently to 40 km (leshak orbit) and to resist heavy cap neut. I wouldn’t bet on a mael solo.

yeah, I’m trying it now. It’s nasty, I’ve having to kill small stuff to get DPS down as even the Vedmaks take too long to kill with anything else on the field. I just saw the third wave jump in and ran away.

Yep, killing Zorya’s Lesh was a nightmare, particular as I left my heavies behind on one of my innumerable warp-outs to a structure. She didn’t drop anything either XD

What are the payouts like for these? (Minor conduits)

not great, I think I got 15m for it

It’s really more confortable on a vargur with some caps on cargo. But on a mael you did an impressive job if you cleared the minor on your own.

I spent more time tethered on a structure while my modules decooked and armour and cap repaired than i did shooting! Also i left the site with the zorya lesh left to buy longer range ammo as I couldn’t hit at 40k, when i came back there was a gila there so we killed it together, only my drones could hit it, but yeah, mael not up to it. Was wondering though… TFI…

Does your fit have a stasis grappler on it? I’ve found that and some tracking modules/rigs are pretty essential for frying the smaller ships with bigger guns.

It does, I also used medium 425s, which was great for frigs and dessys but not so good for the lesh at the end which remained out of range, i probably could have killed it with heavy drones but lost them earlier. I had 2xadaptiveinvul2s, 2xLcapbatteries,1x xlsb and 1xheavygrappler2 in mids

It’s been a while, so I can’t remember fully. I did about a couple dozen, hoping for some special rare item or something, but only marginally better loot/salvage than a EC. I may be wrong, and there’s something better to be gained that makes it all worth it, but I never ran into it.

For the time it takes to do one MC, vs doing EC’s much quicker, I just never found it to be worth the effort. I suppose just being able to do them was good enough for me. Now that I know…I’ll just stick to EC’s unless I start getting bored and need a bit more challenge.

Yeah, it’s not really the isk, just want to see if I can solo them.

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