Advice on ship for 6-10/10 for solo/multiboxing escalations

I’ve never done an escalation before but I get them frequently multiboxing 5 accounts in anoms in null. I’ve been interested in trying the escalations and just wanted some insights from more experienced players as to what ship would be best to do escalations for solo, and if I wanted to multibox with the 5 accounts if it makes the run faster, what would be best fo that? Thank you in advance.

MJD cruise rattlesnake.
many times you are webbed/neuted/pointed on arrival, MJD away allows you not only to not be a sitting duck for rats, but also to avoid remaining at the beacon and therefore a target for incoming unfriendly players.

Which faction? I use 2 passive Rattlesnakes which fit nicely in a carrier. I often run the Serpentis 6/10 and run Rogue Spy part 1 (lvl 5) with them. You could multibox just about any battleship of course, but I find that it’s easier to use passive tanks when I multibox so I have one less thing to draw my focus. It also makes your tank immune to neuting. You could also use a cap stable spider or tinker tank.

I see you are looking for 6-10 escalations so this may not help but I am comfortably doing 5/10 escalations in single faction cruisers - takes a while sure but perfectly doable.

Otherwise I’d be taking dual rattles

Thanks for everyone who took the time to answer my question. It seems the rattlesnake is a concensus. How much tank would i need for the hardest gurista escalations? and aside from mjd, do i need a prop mod or do i slowboat everywhere? Thank you.

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