Triglavian Black Fleet

New little corp with some older players

Black Fleet are currently looking for grumpy old vets that have returned and want to take all their anger out with PvP
Also looking for fluffy young pilots with no wrinkles that are interested in getting killed a lot
We currently have 50 Active members.
Timezones we cover US, EU, SA, ASIA,
Language English and Bad English
Skill requirements Min 15M

All the normal rules apply, life come first.
“Also looking for some corps to become blue with for larger group fun”
All the best

Do you need a copy of my 23 and me before I can join? Passport, drivers license, Vax card?

Ideally just all your personal banking details would be great :slight_smile:
There is Auth check if thats what you mean.

We currently sit at 65 active members, average skills are 40msp upwards
we are looking for returning players, US EU prime time.

Extremely happy with everyone in the corp, very nice family guys n gals
Age :mature level

Null space and Empire
Come try us out.

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