Triglavian Cruiser

Look what i found in Yulai, near the DED Assembly Plant


I swear, that thing should have a NSFW label on top of it.

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That thing looks like it would slap your girlfriends arse and walk off with your pint.


wait that one is the cruiser O.o it’s so big

Looks like it’s made out of magma.

its got severe armor damage



Its in the shipdatabase too. Without stats and requirements for now though. What could be a sign that players could fly that thing.
Me wants one!

The state it’s in now it looks like it tried to, just in the wrong pub…


do you still need to use the id? if so what is it

Yes. And its pretty much only an allmost empty statswindow, with 0/0/0 resistences and the mastery. Empty description. Except Trig Medium, LOL.
It also features the Show in market and shiptree buttons.

yeah i figured was just hoping i could get an id so i could keep m eye on it

I have a feeling it will be a NPC ship… new Jovian invader or something like that.

I highly doubt it will be playable.

You may be correct but it is great to see where CCP are taking ship designs, it looks awesome and seriously nasty. If we get to play them then it’s a bonus. I’m sure some of the tech will find its way into capsuleer hands at some point.

T3 Battleships maybe?


I thought so too, but after it was said that this ship got captured and brought back to Yulai hints to me that those ships will get reverse engineerd, making it available as a new pirate faction ship line.

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Except CONCORD impounded it, so not entirely sure how Pirate Factions would get their hands on it…

There where thefts of prototypes allready…