Triglavian Invasion Chapeter 3 Rollout - general lore, story, content and game-play discussion 2020.05.26

So the Triglavian Invasion - Chapter 3 is finally upon us. What a thrilling and exciting ride it was so far! I, for one, appreciate and like the content and story-telling.
So what do you guys think of the new Chapter 3 content? Was it what you expected? Are you satisfied or disappointed? And beyond the story, are there any bugs? Feel free to discuss this new phase in EVE: Online’s development here.
Dev-blog link:

Adrian Vexier - “Stay safe and fly dangerous!”


Rollout completed in 30 minutes. Let’s see now… I have a feeling this is going to be brutal.

Armour now has sensible names.

And a few buffs.


First images from the agency and welcome screen:

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Those Edencom Orcas / Trig autominers from hoboleaks, are they RW 2.0? That’d be pretty cool.

Is it just me or do the three bullet points look like they are something on a wipeboard in a meeting room in CCP

seems the Emerging Conduits are done and out. was about time, they were a cash cow.

A bit disappointed, just standard shooting rats, all focussed in a few overcrowded systems. Looks like not much in for solo players, I can’t stand group PvE.

Was just watching a bit cloaked. Will trigs still engage you in these systems even with (new) standing 0? At least they show red, and Edencom white. Can you make trigs become friendly?

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