Thank you CCP for the fun and challenging content of the Triglavian invasions

Dear CCP,

Thank you so much for the ongoing love and attention you are putting into the Triglavian invasion story-arc. With chapter 2, a lot of things have changed compared to chapter 1. Finding the answers to how to run the conduits and to crack the World Ark Proving Ground was a fun puzzle to solve.

Though I find the current flashpoint to be less challenging overall, compared to the world ark, it is still an amazing piece of content to enjoy. It’s a new puzzle to solve and I look forward to the tweaks and changes over time.

You are all amazing with what you have done and how you keep tabs on how players experience the content and change things if needed. Keep it up!


GRRRR CCP! GRRRRrrooohohohooh wait!

Hold on!

*raises needle*

*switches vinyl*

*plants needle*

YAY CCP \o/ :smiley:
YAY \o/ :smiley:

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