Triglavian NPC (sub)factions using Alliance(Corp) mechanics

The Yulai Triglav Conference made me consider that various groups of players want to interact in different ways with certain groups and subgroups of NPCs (roleplay, etc).

Specifically, I can imagine a (sub)Clade becoming an exception to the general standing of “hostile” to Empire-aligned capsuleers. For example, a corporation may want to set Ognyena subclade (corp) of Perun clade (alliance) blue, the rest of Perun clade neutral, and the other two clades various shades of kill on sight in order to prevent corp members from shooting Triglavians of certain (sub)clades for whatever reason.

This can then be used in complicated relations the Triglavians themselves wish to have with various factions throughout New Eden, and dynamic standings like with the empires and pirate factions could become possible.

The current situation is that the main clades are corporations with the Triglavian Collective being the Alliance, but this, in my opinion, is not a fine enough division to open up the host of possibilities that there could be. The Triglavian Collective and the way it operates sounds more like a Coalition to me than an Alliance, too.

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