Triglavian space payment system

Triglavian space looks to be really interesting concept, but there are many aspects which are broken.

One of such aspect are standings needed to use pretty much anything inside such systems (including gates). Standing grinding is really tough and makes these systems useless for most of players.
Therefore my proposition is to introduce alternative isk payment for those who don’t have enough standings with triglavians. For example gates with 1.0 standings required could be accessed by players with 0.0 standings, but they would have to pay some amount of isk to use them just like with current ansiblexes in nullsec. The better standing the lower cost of using gates, so 0.5 standings player would pay 50% of sum payed by 0.0 player to use same gate. After reaching 1.0 standings player would no longer pay. It would apply to all gates in pochven region and price would depend on standings needed.
Such mechanics would also work as good isk sink removing many of them from the game and at same moment allowing to use trig content for players with lower standings.

Why would Zorya want yout Isk? Makes no sense.

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Well, it might not make sense from a lore perspective, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. Personally, I’d prioritize game play over lore consistency any day of the week.

That being said, players are still trying to figure Dorito space out, so it might be a little early to be suggesting fixes.

Fear not, Triglavian/EDECOM standing booster boxes available in New Eden Store in near future at low low price of $49.95


I need a ASCENDANT pack for my alpha’s!

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