How competitive is Triglavian space?

Triglav space looks like a fun place to do PVE.

But when you step into a place like that you have to do it knowing PVP is going to happen too.

It’s kind of an investment to get the standings, so I think it better to ask ahead, to people who actually play PVP.

I’m curious how menacing are the PVP folks in that space these days? I’ve been focusing on engineering type skills and don’t have my weapon/ship skills trained up very good, so I think I’ll lose a lot of those fights.

Triglavian standings are not needed to gate into 24:27 pochven systems.

For someone in a starter corp like you? Very. You can check out the zKillboard – which is incomplete data – for the Pochven region.

If you’ve already figured out how to live in NPC Null solo and do PVE without dying, the same piloting skills there will apply in Pochven, and you won’t really be living out of it in the short term – you need standings for things like fitting services, repair, etc at the stations, and I doubt you’ll have access to the structures remaining there. And even if you had the standings, it is possible to be station camped there anyway since stations are high traffic places.

I suggest going there anyway and having an adventure. Small cheap ship, clean pod, d-scan and bookmark shortcuts at the ready. Have fun!

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