Triglavian System Names

Fellow Divers, Explorers, and Scientists,

I’ve been diving the Abyssal space for some time now and I have not successfully reached the depths as most of you, but today I pondered the name of the depths that my capsuleer overview provides.

They are all in Triglavian, so I pulled the published references many of you produced and released and began checking names. Many seemed nonsensical. I thought “surely I’m not the only one who’s looked into this” and after some searching found this net discussion: Abyssal System ID

I used this tool Rot13 as suggested in the above archive to translate the unintelligible to the intelligible.

I am now reaching out to inquire is there a completed mapping/tagging effort?

If not is there a place to contribute any collected data to see if additional information can be gleaned?

Or has the work been abandoned because it was found to be about as useful as mapping J-Space?

I’m also curious if these Abyssal Constellations or Systems are linked for purposes of the proving. I.e. duplications of the same system link for provings like a sporting bracket, or if your opponent is pulled from anything the constellation or perhaps all of Abyssal space.

From an in character point of view, it is one system, with different entry points and weather. From any entry point you can see the features of the others. The different names could refer to different routing on the loop-conduit network.

The provings seem to be pretty much random, based more on who else is in the Abyss at that time.

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