Abyssal Space System Identification

This section will be dedicated to naming as many Abyssal sites that we possibly can to determine what each site might contain ship and loot wise.

Here is the Triglavian Alphabet.

Here is a snip of a Abyssal Space system name.

The first symbol is an F
The second symbol is a g
The third symbol is an r
The fourth symbol is an i
The fifth symbol is an r

The systems name or designation is Fgrir.

I did a word scramble check here - http://www.unscramblerer.com/unscramble-word/fgrir and came up with and abbreviated form of Figure or Fig.

Other than that there is no association between the Triglavian language and any language of New Eden.

When posting your Abyssal site intelligence the format will be:

Snip of the Abyssal system name such as:

Type of filament site such as Calm Exotic.

A translation from Triglavian into English using the chart above.

The first symbol is an F
The second symbol is a g
The third symbol is an r
The fourth symbol is an i
The fifth symbol is an r

Then a breakdown of the ships that were encountered in each zone such as:

Zone 1: BS
Zone 2: Frigates
Zone 3: Triglavian Cruisers

Bandicam will prove very useful when determining the exact intelligence for each room to determine if there is a repeatable pattern of ships in each Abyssal site based on the sites designation or if the sites are changing that would mean the Triglavians have the ability to move between Abyssal sites.


The system names are Rot13. http://rot13.com/



we have discovered STEVE


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Confirming this - after doing some analysis on some public ship destruction records, there appear to be 4 common regions.


It would take a while to analyze all the records to establish relationships but from what I can tell there are a few systems within each region. I have listed below a small set of what I have seen.

Region - System
Wbanguna - Naqer, Fretrl. Pney
Trbet - Fxhyv
Naqer - Orethe
Fgnir - Punapr


There are 200 systems total over 5 regions. I forget the constellation count but it can be gotten via ESI.


I suggest taking note of the system that you are running the Abyssal site in and the region. Having a system identifier to go along with each Abyssal system could help us to better understand the connectivity between each type of Abyssal site and the New Eden system that it is accessed through.

A note might look something like this:

Abyssal Site Type:
System\Constellation\Region Abyssal Filament Was Activated In:
Eve Time Abyssal Filament Was Activated:
Types of Defensive Structures Encountered:
Room One:
Room Two:
Room Three:
Triglavian Symbols for Site and Translation of the Symbols:


I like this idea. All you would really have to do is take a screenshot at the beginning of each room, and then transpose the data after a session


5 Regions, 5 Constellations, 200 systems/rooms. 30 random Dev names assigned randomly by the look of it. As far as I can make out its purely a system mechanic.


A systematic design always has to have a power source at its center to turn the cogs of each wheel regardless of how big each wheel is.

But perhaps the central power source is the design itself where the largest wheel being heavier will turn numerous smaller wheels without any centralized power source such as a generator.

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