Mapping The Abyss

The purpose of this thread is for discussing mapping of Triglavian Abyssal space. I’ve ran dozens of various filaments so far, and I have found a multitude of environment types. However, I don’t think that Abyssal space is truly procedurally generated. I have noticed similarities in many filaments, and in one case I’ve entered the exact same Abyss twice. I’ve also entered an Abyssal filament where a previous unfortunate player had his ship destroyed and podded and was still there waiting to be looted. If that particular filament that I entered was meant for me alone and procedurally generated for me when I used that filament, the other player and his wreck wouldn’t be there.


I think that there may indeed be many, many different Abyssal filament spaces, but they are all actually fixed points in Triglavian space, much like our own known space. I offer as evidence, the Triglavian Collective agent Peruna Clade, which can be found in the Interactions tab of your character sheet. You will note that if you destroy a Triglavian Research Facility, shortly after you finish the Abyssal space pocket, you will receive a notification stating that your standing with this particular agent has decreased by -1.2 and a location where the Research Facility was destroyed is also noted.


You will notice that I destroyed this particular Research Facility in an area of Triglavian space the agent lists as 32000137. I used a Tier 1 Calm Exotic Filament to access this space. You will also notice that at the top left of your screen there is a system indicator, just like there is in normal space, noting the name of the system you are in.


The name of the Abyssal pockets are written in Triglavian characters or symbols. I have began tracking these symbol names along with the type and tier of filament used to access specific pockets. This is an example list I have compiled so far.

One of the goals of this thread is to see if these Triglavian symbols can indeed be deciphered, and if so, what relation do they have to the type and tier of filament used. If any other players have been taking notes of this, please add yours to the list of known Abyssal pockets. Unfortunately I didn’t think of this right off the bat, so I missed quite a few initially, but so far I have documented:

32000002 Tier 1 Calm Exotic
32000012 Tier 1 Calm Firestorm
32000026 Tier 1 Calm Firestorm
32000035 Tier 1 Calm Electrical
32000043 Tier 1 Calm Gamma
32000044 Tier 2 Agitated Dark
32000045 Tier 1 Calm Electrical
32000057 Tier 1 Calm Firestorm
32000063 Tier 1 Calm Firestorm
32000074 Tier 1 Calm Firestorm
32000106 Tier 1 Calm Electrical [encountered this one twice]
32000108 Tier 1 Calm Gamma
32000122 Tier 1 Calm Gamma
32000137 Tier 1 Calm Exotic [encountered this one twice]
32000138 Tier 1 Calm Dark [this one had another dead player already in it]
32000161 Tier 1 Calm Exotic
32000162 Tier 1 Calm Dark [encountered this one twice]
32000173 Tier 1 Calm Gamma [this one had another dead player already in it]


[Reserved for future Abyssal environment content]

Have you noticed the planets in the background in the space that we can’t get too?

What are they about? If the space between Abyssal and the planet is capable of crushing ships then why doesn’t the planet get crushed as well?

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I have noticed that. Also there seems to be some kind of distorted fisheye lens effect when in Abyssal space, maybe due to the gravitational effects. There are planets and a star in most Abyssal space pockets that I have seen. If you disconnect inside of Abyssal space, when you log back in to the character screen, it shows that you are currently undocked in 0.0 space. I know it’s not because of where I DC’d at the time because I used the filament in 0.7 space.

Maybe when we use a filament it places us inside of some kind of distorted space time in a higher dimension and what we are seeing are our own planets and stars in normal space outside of the Abyssal pocket?


Since I haven’t seen any Abyssal pocket numbers higher than 32000196, and I’ve encountered multiple copies of some Abyssal pockets, I’m going to go ahead assume that there are roughly 200 different types of Abyssal space pockets. That’s quite a few, but No Man’s Sky it is not, and certainly not what was hyped.

So far, I think the only things that are procedurally generated are the locations of the gas clouds and towers. I think that the Abyssal space pockets themselves are finite and static.

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I just watched a video of another player in a Tier 1 Calm Firestorm and it was the exact same number as the one I have been in. So I guess Abyssal space is not random at all. There are a finite, set number of pockets.


Are you sure the pocket was the same (same space, same weather, same effects, same NPCs, same towers) as well as the number being the same. If the number get reused but the pockets they are assigned to change, then knowing the number does not really mean anything.

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My understanding is, that this is procedural generated content not related to New Eden at all. I don’t see much sense in chasing a RNG or similarities just because of technical reasons.

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