Triglvian recon ships appearing in local

With the Trigs and other groups exploring, it would seem logical that some attempts to monitor local system communications would occur. These might be nothing more than high speed scouts warping between planets while scanning for infrastructure and monitoring local comms to determine system occupancy.

These would appear randomly, in groups of 1 to 5 or so, maybe coming through a tiny wormhole from ‘elsewhere’, just as rats spawn today.

They would be very small and very fast 2500m/s+ and easy to kill if you could catch one. The wreck could be lootable and they might drop some minor item on occasion.

Players will be alerted to their presence by D-scan or by seeing the ship join the local channel with a name in Trig text. The can be tracked with combat probes. Ship type will be a random Trig text in scan windows as well, interference.

The ships are harmless and will leave the system in groups or at random over time. The use of Trig text in local will be a dead give away that they are harmless to players, but also alerting them to an opportunity to hunt.

Bots can have fun with it.

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Not a bad idea. The triglavians can be the source of great fun and greater trade between areas of the game. Perhaps these special spawns have a chance at dropping valuable items, say technology to help prevent drifter blackouts against nullsec relays in the future. Or it can drop rare tech that helps to unlock rare mutaplasmids or other such goodies.

Actually I was thinking they could be the source of a Trig drone BPC. Plasmoid Light Drones… although I would end up calling them Snot Rockets.

Rare drone BPC drops can make it very lucrative (add the occasional ‘augmented’ drone drop, or even harvester/gecko) However if we add very nice loot, the rat needs to also pack a punch, making it difficult to catch, and once you get it, difficult to kill solo.

If your original idea holds, them being exploration and quick but harmless, then the drops should be rewards for taking the time to scan them down and kill them, mutaplasmids work, especially ones that buff say weapons, where you have the chance of putting out some serious damage, but you can’t group them so its more of an annoyance.

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