🧌 [TROLL] Trojan Trolls - US/AU - Newbro's Wanted!

Trojan Trolls [TROLL], like everyone else up in here, are seeking pilots to join us on our new adventures in EVE.

TROLL began 12+ years ago in EVE, with a long and epic history in null-sec with our own alliance (Controlled Chaos [TROLL] - formally [WTF] ), and as a member corp of several notorious others. After half a decade, we took a long break from EVE and went on to grow into a large multi-gaming community with folks from all over the globe.

In July 2022, we relaunched back into EVE because apparently the game is dying - so you know, we’re just doing our part to bend the curve. This time around we found ourselves lost in wormhole space, and to our own surprise have enjoyed it so much we’ve decided to make a go of it. Great ISK and PvP!

New to EVE?
Our leadership is a bunch of positive-vets, but a good portion of our members are newbros from our community who like you are just starting their multi-year degree in Internet spaceships. If you don’t want to feel like the bluntest tool in the shed among a group of bitter-vets - we’re the corp for you!

We don’t have any minimum skill point requirements - just the basics of any social gaming group… Discord and a working mic!

Experienced Player?
We’ve got a few of those as well, so you won’t be a lone wolf among lambs and will have other experienced pilots at your side. We may be a few years out of practice, but we’re catching up!

What’s on offer

  • C4 Wormhole with C5/C2 statics
    **As a newbro this probably reads like a foriegn language, but the gist is we have access to ISK making opportunities for both low and high skillpoint pilots. With the C2 we also generally have easy access to empire space.
  • Weekly scheduled PvP roams (currently mostly in null-sec)
  • Daily unscheduled PvP (in and around our home wormhole) - not always consensual.
  • PI, Ore/Gas Mining, Data/Relic and C5 crab’n for the big ISKies.
  • Bros-in-arms ready and happy to answer your questions and guide you through the insane learning curve of this game.

Become a TROLL
We are seeking US / AU timezone pilots for our own corporation, but if you are a small corp wanting to join our alliance and work along side us - feel free to get in touch.

Trollio! It’s been a few days, you must have missed my post because you haven’t applied yet.

Hey Hey, it’s Saturday! Come join us on Discord and say g’day :aussieparrot:

Happy Friday! Where the bloody hell are you?

Peekaboo! We want you!

You guys still recruiting? Would you be interested in an old vet (over 40 mil skill points) that has left the game for some time (been a couple years) and is interested in coming back. was a member of a WH corp before I left. Would need time to catch up as I have forgotten a lot of stuff.

Yes mate, but it looks like you got yourself sorted with a corp. If things don’t work out hit us up.

Best way to reach out to us is via Discord or in-game channel.

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