Thanks for the offer Achura I would meet you halfway at 390 on the principals of a fair haggle.

awsome. Contract up

lmao. how are you not banned?


gl getting that contract accepted xd

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Last chameleon went for 275b 400b seems a bit overpriced

Welcome to economics 101.
I currently have a Product X for sale. No one else is currently selling Product X. I have set the price of product X based on current market conditions and the comparative rarity of the product to anything similar.

Customers can choose to pay the price or not have Product X. They can alternatively wait for a competitor to hopefully sell product X at a lower price or purchase a different product.
This is sometimes referred to as a seller’s market.

Now if it’s not accepted by the potential current customer. Then product X remains for sale to the price I set until sold or a competitor changes the equation At that point I can either hold my price or lower it. But as it stands I would Hold my price until I have the market advantage again. As I have no imperative to sell for less.

But thank you for the free bump.

Take a free bump from me too.

You artificially raising the cost past the level of demand (and 400 is well above market demand) disrupts demand and causes it to go down.

true, but then that demand is met by the seller of the lower priced ship.

Welcome to Econ 102

you can come out with whatever you want. the fact remains I have one for sale. You don’t so basically like it or lump it. No one is convincing me to sell for less. If you are arguing this point because you want one for less. I recommend you find someone else to sell you it. instead of wasting your time with me.

Feel free to alternatively go buy a Fiend for 380-430bill. according to Zkill 5 of the original 50 have been lost compared to 7 of the original 50 Chameleons. So you have better odds of getting one of those. And maybe convincing someone to sell you one for less.


Yeap. That’s for skins. It may apply here too but we shall see… Thx for bump

Achura brings some excitement to the forums. I enjoy watching the sellers mark the thread as SOLD waiting on his troll offers.

It’s almost as funny as this Chameleon price.

Free Bump


‘This is the current market price’ not long winded enough?

Seriously mate, price is firm would have served the exact same purpose. Perhaps less entertaining though.

Thank you for the entertaining thread.

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