Trophy System for PvP

PvP in Low and Null seem to be largely centered around large scale combat of thousands of ships.

As it stands now, small gang PvP in Low and Null really isn’t worth the reward vs. risk. I suggest a trophy system. When PvP takes place in Low or Null, the winning Capsuleer gains a trophy and is added to a list of champions for that system. The more trophies a Capsuleer earns in a system increases the payout, spread across the contributing ships + a bonus to the ship landing the final blow.

Example: Capsuleer 1 has twenty trophies in a Low Sec system and gets attacked by a gang of five ships and loses. Each trophy is worth 1 million ISK amounting to a four million ISK payout per gang member involved when Capsuleer 1 has been defeated + five million ISK, paid by anonymous source, to the Capsuleer who lands the final blow.

When a Capsuleer reaches 20 trophies in a system, on the 21 st. trophy, the new trophy adds 2 million ISK to the overall bounty payout. So far the same gang that attacked Capsuleer 1 the payout would 4 million + 2 million per gang member involved. ECM counts. With Capsuleer 1 losing, the loss not only be the Capsuleer’s ship and possibly pod but also Trophies amounting to the same number of ships in the gang that attacked Capsuleer 1 + 1 trophy.

Having more trophies to a Capsuleers name would grant the Capsuleer access to special jump bridges, increased payouts for PvP, if a 20 trophy Capsuleer defeats a level 10 trophy Capsuleer, the level 10 loses the .05% payout bonus per level reward.

As a bonus to the gang, a special ESS system would open in a system, within ten jumps from where the PvP took place, where the gang would be able to engage robotic sentries protecting the ESS. If the sentries are defeated, within the time allowed, the ESS could activated and the gang could raid the ESS. When raiding the ESS, the Capsuleers could get anything from PLEX to Unique Blueprints, and other items of value.

The gang would also have to worry about other Capsuleers showing up to raid the ESS that would appear on the Overview of the Capsuleer who landed the final blow once the Capsuleer entered the system. Once the Capsuleer landing the final blow entered the system, the ESS would appear on the ship scanner of all ships in the solar system that were not part of the gang.

This type of PvP payout system would only be located in Low, Null, some wormhole and a few Triglavian systems.

Unless there is only one ship involved, I don’t even think kill mails should be produced. I’m ok with a trophy for that.

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Wow, getting ISK “paid by anonymous source” and trophies for PvP wins…
Additional bonuses if you collect more trophies.
Some ESS thing that gives out PLEX and Unique Blueprints.

The ability to create a throwaway Alpha account to “PvP against” again and again to really rack up the payouts and trophies.

What could go wrong?

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This would be exploited the instant it was implemented…

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