True regional music

Hey all. I’m back after a long break and really noticing the missing jukebox. I can understand the decision to do the “contextual music” thing, but I just don’t feel like it really follows through on it’s concept. How about some new tracks that really sell the feel and lore of each region? Gregorian chanting in Amarr space, cold industrial ambiance in Caldari systems, tribal drumming and sitars in Minmatar regions, maybe even some Mongolian throat singing in the Great Wildlands. Stuff that actually makes different regions of space have atmosphere appropriate to their lore and backstory.


Not sure about system music but I am going to make an internet spaceships PVP video.

It will be an hour of me doing market orders with blaring dubstep in the background.

Might be a good idea, but perhaps have actually appropriate music.

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You had me at “Mongolian throat singing”.

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