Truth in Advertising

The Double Boost Bundle for 39.99 offers two cerebral accelerators. One of them is a Prototype, which is totally useless if your character is over 14 days old. No where in the information about the package does it state this, instead it misleads you to think that you will get two functional cerebral accelerators. CCP this is a poor business practice, at the minimum at least tell your customer exactly what they are getting, before they buy it.

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Actually if you could read, you’d see it says it includes the Newb Starter pack.

And you could then just look at that pack to see what it does.

Oof. You thought it was a gotcha but then it just turns out you can’t read so good.

Sad for you :frowning:

You could also look it up in-game to see its details.

…or online as well:

Fools and their money…


Are cerebral accelerators sellable on the regional market?

For $39.00 you could have gotten a full game on Steam that was actually fun, instead of some digital crap that is worth exactly $0


For that price I can invite a friend to eat a nice juicy steak topped with peppered mushroom sauce, french fries, salad and a drink :smiley:



Strangely enough yes :smiley:

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I see ppl get steak n fries quite a bit

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Steak goes with rice my man.

That would look really arty floating in space near a gate at Uedama.

Well, tomorrow I’m going to a restaurant and, guess what, I’m ordering a steak and fries and they will serve it and I will eat it :yum:


Baked potato all the way. No cheese, though. That’s sacrilegious.

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Game that allows scamming

EVE allows scamming :smiley:


Where I live you might feed one person a steak in a nice restaurant for that price…

It’s great :laughing: I love it.

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Where I live it only gets you an appetizer.