TSSOC is recruiting! - Null sec - PVP - PVE - Indy - The works!

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Happy recruiting o7

TSSOC is receuiting again. Join our discord to start your journey with us.

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TSSOC offers all aspect of Null life, We are a no BS, laid back little family, Over 10 years and going strong!

Visit our ingame channel: “TSSOC Recruitment”

and hop into our discord if you would like to talk

Server Invite Link:

Join the TSSOC Headquarters Discord Server!

TSSOC is still recruiting. Been going strong for over a decade. Come see why our family is still together.

Come check us out. We offer anything you might want from a null sec corp.

TSSOC still recruiting drama free players. Comecheck out a great group of people to play space ships with!