Twelve Stupid Mistakes Made in PvP!



I enjoyed that, Maximillian. I have certainly fallen foul of the majority of those errors at one time or another - occasionally more than once (ahem…).

Not-quite-new players will find your list useful, and I’m sure you could have doubled its length without difficulty. More mature players may make the mistakes you demonstrate, but are perhaps likely to be aware of how they got it wrong. Still, no harm in providing a reminder.

So, thank you!

On the technical side, I think you illustrated your points well, with a script that was easy to follow and understand. Your voice was calm and free from the quirks which ruin many EVE presentations of this type.

The images were clear and comprehensive, though I’m probably not alone in finding EVE screen grabs a nightmare to follow!

All in all, I really enjoyed it, Max. Thanks.

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