My Monthly EVE Log In

18:00 EVE
Log in. Skill training empty - Alpha 5m sp limit.
Think about what to do. Feeling casual. PVE. Google ‘Alpha PVE fits’. Find a Rupture.
Simulate, tweak, buy, fit.

Let’s see what’s out there.

Set random course - 6j.
4j later, find combat site - Emerging Conduits (?). Warp.
Land. Melt in <20s. Sat in pod.

18:22 EVE
Menu, thumbs down, log off.

See you in another month o7


So you went into a site without looking up any information about it on the assumption that you could do it in whatever ship you have on hand at the moment, and then blame the game for the results?


You can you daily alpha injectors to go from 5m SP to 20m SP as Alpha

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And they removed the in-game browser years ago so there was literally nothing I could do.

Play in windowed mode, or just even tab out of the game to look up information.

That’s how everyone’s always done it.


There is something about having to leave the game in order to play the game even at a casual level. I am not saying bring back the IGB but there should be some way to gauge the difficulty of an activity from within the game. I’m not saying you should get specific fits or anything but a general understanding. The DED ratings for example gave a general idea of what you should expect. There isn’t anything like that with the emerging conduits.

Sure there are a lot of things this player did wrong or could have done better, but CCP can do better too.

I can’t - it would break CCP’s carefully crafted immersion.

In this case, your priorities are clear, and you should act accordingly. I can’t provide any further advice. Good fortune in whatever you decide to do.


You did your best. This situation was completely unfixable.

It is completely fixable, and even from within the game.

  1. Did you ask any players in your corp/alliance/help chat if they could give you any information about an emerging conduit? What ships can complete them, what damage types to expect, what fits to use?
  2. Did you have a plan to escape this completely unknown situation? Warp in to a site and immediately align out. Probably could have saved your ship that way.
  3. Did you try to team up with another player? Two ships shooting are always better than one.

There is also a tool called Eve Vision in the works. It is pretty much a replacement for the IGB that works inside Eve and even looks like Eve. You could search things on the internet without breaking your in game immersion.

The biggest thing you can change here isn’t the game or the players or how anything works. If you change your attitude you would accomplish quite a bit even as a casual player.


Play the Projecr Discovery minigame, which can be done anywhere at anytime, even docked up, and requires no skill levels or ISK or ships or assets. Get good at it and not 45m/hr + numerous rewards while helping real world scientists with their research.

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I have always thought it was funny that Eve PVE is designed to be “unpredictable/mysterious” - yet it takes the playerbase only a few hours or days to figure out and document how to farm it - then it is available through out-of-game channels.

Why does CCP bother to make the “challenges” so stupidly hard? It just means that nobody bothers to play the game. A few guys lose ships while they work out the formula, then everybody else just grinds/farms the things. I remember trying out PVE combat sites a long (long) time ago. I kept losing my assault frigates until I discovered websites dedicated to telling me exactly what to fly and how to exploit the sites. It is like using cheat codes - except that everybody tells you that you are a stoopid noopie if you try to just discover how to do it on your own.


That’s how it is in all games. Take WoW raids, for example. New content hits, the top guilds in the game spend a few days being the first to clear it, and then it becomes fully documented to the point where the rest of the raiding population starts attempting it.

You can’t get around this natural process except with massive amounts of RNG, but if you use RNG, then the content itself has to be easier to compensate.

Maybe there was no point to what I wrote. I just don’t participate in that stuff that I don’t enjoy. It is like a huge hamster wheel, with the developers trying to do new stuff for the players - and the players systematically destroying their own gaming content.

The human condition, perhaps.

I think it’s a player profit motive. You can do something in a way that is fun (such as, for example, running missions with a friend). Or you can min/max, do it by yourself, and keep 100% of the profit. The second way is going to be more tedious and not enjoyable, but you just gotta have that ISK.

The solution might be to make all PvE content necessarily a group affair.

I can never wrap my head around what all these other players need so much isk for.

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fu$k so much for what ???

This can be a pretty deep subject, but wise MMO devs would never eliminate solo play. Sounds contradictory for what’s supposed to be a social game, but even sociable players won’t always be able to log on and have their friends ready to start content. When people are not readily available to group up with, the only solution left is solo play for many.

It’s why even to this day, CCP designs PvE content that are pretty much all soloable. Burners and even the recent trig event for many are just barely soloable, but soloable they are.

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One reason for nerfing resists in Surgical strike was to increase the motivation or necessity of fleeting up for PVE content :wink:

Eve is a game that has some especially serious barriers to forcing people to always play in groups - the whole game is predicated on the idea of scamming, griefing, and theft. Long-time players have learned a heightened sense of suspicion.

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