Twitch Prime Exclusive Content

I think that if CCP had its own Eve Online Twitch Prime Exclusive Content portal generator the content in Eve Online would double or even triple.

How the TPEC would work is simple.

As an Exclusive Content subscriber weekly missions would open just for the subscriber to complete and reap the benefits from. Rewards could be anything from Unique Skins only available to Twitch Prime Exclusive Content subs, Plex and unique ship BPC’s of up to five runs, or components to build a unique ship from, etc. Subs would receive Exclusive Content Filaments from CCP each week. Taking the filament into lower security space would increase the value and amount of content received. CCP would select which low and null space systems the sub could access the week before.

The Twitch Prime Exclusive Content program would replace the failed yearly PvP tournaments that other players could watch daily and weekly events hosted live by CCP on their Exclusive Content Twitch or the sub theirself.

The filaments could be ran with as a single player or up to three members. The filaments themselves would be top of the line PvE sites where only the best of the best pilots would even dare try.

Hammering this idea out I think would bring in more players looking for exclusive content as well as providing others with intense content that they could watch at home.

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About “free weekly ‘top of the line’ pve sites” is a definite no.

About “it will replace PvP tournaments” - it wont. Period.

Man, how to you keep coming up with these incredibly bad ideas to consistently??

No, you don’t realize what a Twitch Prime Exclusive Content would do for Eve Online. Potential Capsuleers emerging from the daily doldrums of a planetary lifestyle, working in Fedo factory or mining that ungodly planetary ore could see the exclusive content that CCP has too offer and then possibly sub the twitch and purchase a sub to Eve Online.

Granted there are very good Eve Twitch channels out there for Eve but I am talking about the Prime of the Prime from within Eve Online creating a set of stairs for the new to climb and ascend from.

Twitch is more than an in-game link. Twitch the modern stage of advertising for any game. Players are more likely to get involved with a game such as Eve Online if they are able to watch real-time action instead of the same old advertisement over and over again.

Besides where is your Twitch channel at hosting tutorials and prime content for the Brave Newbies to get all squishy in their shoes about?


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