Two returning brothers LF Null sec SOV Alliance corp

Two brothers, Indy and combat, 40-50 mil SP, looking for a null sec corp. We run Orca ops with our characters, HACs, Recon, maxed exhumers, 4 accounts total, all around 40-50 mil SP.

You might be interested in my new enterprise: MASS Salvage.

We just wrapped up our second extraction on our corp moon. Plan to do that weekly until we have a few more “salvagers” on the team. Then we will extend the extraction or get another moon. Between extractions we’ll do a few roams with our Alliance friends and generate ISK ratting or exploring. What ever sounds fun at the time. All definitely with a mind to be doing as much PvP as we can.

Join our in game Public channel for more information: Salvage Cr3w

Find us on Discord at:

Hey, Arbitez.

We have a healthy level of null sec content. Lots of opportunity for making ISK, mining ops aren’t our main focus but I see that as an opportunity for you.

Come and have a chat

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