[TXKOD} The Kings of Britannia is Recruiting (PvE, PvP, and Industry Corporation) NULL AND WH

We currently live with an alliance that lives in a nullsec system with a TCU and IHUB with Military Index to Level 4 and Industry Index to Level 3. Alliance logistics exist to freight items between Amarr & Jita and our Nullsec Citadel. We do not have a market system, but we have contracts of ratting ships, mining barges, and PvP ships within the alliance.

PvE (Ratting, Escalations, Exploration [Relic & Data, No rats])
PvP (Standing, Gatecamp, Battles)
Industry (Mining, Gas, Ice, Industry, T2 Industry, PI)

We are looking for:

Recruitment Channel: The King’s Recruitment Channel
Recruiters: Joann Echerie, DerpiestTony
Diplomat(s): Joann Echerie

Sincerely, DerpiestTony

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