TYDE8 - WH corp recruiting

(Darius Solo) #1

Tyde8 is recruiting!

Hello fellow capsuleers.

Tyde8 - CET/CEST timezone WH corp looking for new members to fill the ranks.

What we can offer

  • Citadel & Engineering Complex
  • PI setups with no tax
  • PvE to make riches
  • PvP to lose riches
  • TS3 server for ingame comms
  • Slack group for procrastinating
  • Fleet-up group to share doctrines/fits
  • Siggy for wormhole mapping

What we expect from you

  • Min. 15m SP
  • WH knowledge is a plus
  • Willingness to defend our home
  • PvP skill or the will to learn
  • Ability to scan down the chain
  • Good humor on comms
  • Full-API key [no exceptions]

Do you think you might be a good fit?
Hit us up in the Tyde8 Public channel ingame.
Our recruiter will take it from there and pull you in.
See you in the chain!

(Darius Solo) #2

join our chann for a chat