Typhoon Ratting Ship

I am bored with the VNI for nul ratting and want to change things up. I do not have t2 guns yet (nor billions of isk) so I do not want to invest in a rattlesnake quite yet. I was told that the typhoon was something to look at. I know all answers will be opinions and I am fine with that.

  1. Is the typhoon a decent substitute while I train for t2 guns?
  2. Any suggested fits for what I am looking to do?
  3. Any other options to look at for nul ratting that is not VNI?
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Typhoon might not be the optimal choice, but it for sure is the most versatile battleship class ship for PVE.

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If you’re planning to do most of your damage with drones, the Dominix would be a better choice. If missiles are your primary weapon, the Typhoon for armor tank or the Raven for shield tank.

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