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Why is it that the changes that I make to the UI do not register and revert to default everytime I dock and undock?

  • I click on the little arrows to collapse System Info, Daily Campaign, Opportunities, Events… and when I dock/undock they’re not collapsed.
  • I minimize one panel or another and when I dock/undock they’re not minimized.
  • I dock a panel somewhere and it goes back where it was as soon as I dock/undock.

I’m just wondering because I don’t see the point of those features if they’re reverted to their default state as soon as the screen changes.

Sorry in advance if I posted this in the wrong section.

My thinking behind it is, docked up we don’t need to see all that, but maybe we “might” want to see it on undock. It is annoying to have to do it upon undocking, but I never noticed stuff changes until the next event, when I have to minimize for docked and undocked again.

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What you say makes sense. The thing is: those things I mentioned change state from out in space to docking and from dock to out in space. So it doesn’t consider whether we may need it or not, it just blindly and stupidly changes state arbitrarily.

Everytime I undock I have to get some elements of the UI out of the way and everytime I dock I have to do the same thing.

I’d like to be able to set those things and not worry about them everytime I dock and undock.

Thank you for your response.

I know, it annoying to have to do it twice. At least I’ve not had to do it more than twice. Upon opening the client I minimize, undock, minimize again, but I never had to when docking

Maybe I’m not doing it right. It’s entirely possible. I’m a cluts anyway. Yesterday I spilled all of my pot of thinner on the floor. I got so mad at myself.
Anyway, the issue with the UI isn’t exactly game braking.

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