[UK] Pagids Legion | C4 WH PvP Corp | Small Gang-Close Knit

Pagids Legion is searching for active pilots that look to be part of a close-knit community of not just wormhole pilots, but a small community of active players that also play other games together.
Become part of something new and take part in the growth of a reformed WH corporation. Pagids Legion lives in a C4 wh with C3/5 statics, focusing on PvP with exceptional PvE content in the statics & Industrial opportunities in the home hole.

We are actively seeking pilots of all kinds, especially FC’s!

Who we are

Pagids Legions core goes back some years, with the original Wormageddon crew that first formed in a C4 WH in 2016. Taking it to null, we lead Wormageddon to success and became a strong, underdog PvP alliance . We even claimed our very own sov in the rich content of Tenerifis fighting TEST, before eventually getting too fatigued and missing all the things we enjoyed in wormholes.

But where are we now? After the corporation decided to retire from null life, we have since returned from the ashes with some of the original leadership to return to our wormhole routes. Pagids Legion cultivates close co-operation among our members, where members have each others back like no other. We have formed such a bond, that even players have previously had meet-ups IRL; and will do again.

  • Small - mid gang PvP
  • Daily Roaming gangs
  • Close fights
  • SRP and Free ships (Currently only on select doctrines with an FC)
  • EU & Early US TZ
  • C4 with C3/5 statics, rich with both PvP and PvE opportunities

What do you look for in PvP? If your interest is in the smaller scale compared to the F1 monkey fights, this is certainly something you should consider! We focus on providing PvP content where pilots are more involved and enjoy flying their personal small-gang roaming ships. We also try and make our doctrine compositions generally more fun and enjoyable to pilot.

PvE & Indy
  • Buybacks of all Gas
  • Buybacks of all blueloot
  • C3 & C5 PvE content which will easily fund all your PvP activities
  • Moon mining
  • Opportunities to get involved in corporation level industry to help fund your PvP
  • Have your procurer become friendly bait

C5 Ratting provides one of the most lucrative options for making isk in EVE. We also have facilities for industrial needs, with plans for corporation level T3 production which naturally, is quite exciting for indy guys.

  • 15 Mill SP
  • The Willingness to scan and find content
  • Working Mic & Discord
  • On coms when flying about
  • Willingess to PvP
  • Ages of 18+

Interested? Drop into our Discord and say hello! Were more than happy to answer any questions and have a chat :slight_smile:


Pub channel: Pagids Public

Join us for some exceptional lossmails! That’s right, we can show you a multitude of different ways to lose your ship, and you can start today by applying!

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Still recruiting! Come be part of a close-knit group of players!

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Still recruiting!

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