Ultra Posse - C3 with HS static, new player friendly

Welcome to Ultra Posse, the new wormhole corporation within Etsala Legion.

We currently live in a C3 with a HighSec static and a Cataclysmic Variable for easy logistics and newbie-friendly remote-rep home defense doctrines.

We love to give players a home who have never lived in WH space and are very willing and patient to give them every support they might need.
We do expect a good level of interest in your own research though, which every EVE player should be used to anyway.

  • Our main language is English with occasional excursus in German
  • Our main timezone is EU TZ

What you can expect

  • An industry complex with everything you need:

    • Refining, reactions and manufacturing facilities
    • Weekly moon mining
    • Great PI
    • Corporation and player-run buyback programs
    • Easy logistics
  • Small gang PvP

    • Regular hunting and roaming fleets
    • Loot incentives for scouts
  • Good PvE experience with exploration and WH ratting

  • Ship replacement program for home defense fleets

  • Alliance services and connections

  • Asset safety via safelog Orcas

What we expect from you

  • Scanning skills and the ability to use them
  • Willingness to join PvP fleets, at least for home defense
  • We enjoy a drama-free environment and expect you to be as grown-up as you can be
  • ESI access to all characters you want to add to the corporation
  • Omega clone status is not required, but heavily recommended for the best experience
  • We use Discord for out-of-game communication


You can join our Discord server, visit our ingame channel Ultra Posse Forum or just poke Big Bill Haywood or Julien Gray directly ingame.

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