Ummm... Scan probing... did I miss something?

I’ve been away for perhaps 5 or 6 days, so perhaps I missed something…

My scan probing has seriously degraded. With a probe rating above 100, I’m failing easy scans. Even when all the scan bubbles show I’ve covered every instance, I still get the “ba’dunk” sound after a scan request. WTF is going on here? I’ll even have all scan probes close enough, and a successful scan leaves the scan result in the exact same location, and still can’t zero in on it, becaue any attempt to zero in dies. Even a Level 3 scan forces me to zero in as close as a level 5, and STILL can’t zero in on it.

What’s going on?

:thinking: I’m stumped by this one. Is the probe the right kind? Are the probes organized correctly in space with sufficient overlap?

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