Ummmmmm Moving PI deposits

So Ummmm maybe I’m asleep all the time when playing, BUT when did the PI deposits start floating around on planets, You setup your extractors for maximum tonnage when you come back to pick it up the hot spots are moved and you have to, if your able, reposition to get the best again. Seems rather moronic when you are dealing with metals.

Is this just me???

Well, when asteroids capriciously change their compositions and whole asteroid fields move from one constellation to another, it doesn’t surprise me that in CCP’s universe mineral deposits play tourists on a planet.

They have always done that and it’s the entire purpose of the movable extractor heads to follow them. Some resources obviously move more or less than others. Resources with more point-like spots move more while wide-area resources seemingly move less. Just move your extractor heads over the new high yield spots and leave everything else untouched and you’ll be fine.

Local hotspots can be depleted, which is why I usually prefer to spread my extractor heads across all available hotspots in range rather than putting them all on the biggest, sucking it dry and being required to move my extractor heads much sooner.


Resources on planets are non-static. Deposits come and go over time, are various sizes and deplete according to how much they are being mined (by other players too).

They are an example of how all resources across the game should behave.


You have to move the extractors after a certain amount of time. This makes sense as you’re depleting the resource in a fixed area.

Yes, its the only way a planet can have infinite minerals to give out, without giving out too much minerals at any one time.

The alternative is having the entire planet glow white, which makes scanning meaningless.

The only thing that sucks is your mental acuity. When you die, you should ask God for a refund, because he sent you a lemon of a brain.

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