Unable login to Singularity with EPIC account

I’m not able to login to Singularity with my epic accounnt. i get this picture in the browser:


I can try to ask support to transform my epic to regular EVE account, but it’s not possible.

So, how to get to Singularity ? :slight_smile:

When was your account created? Was it after feb 12 2022? If so you wont have access to sisi until the next mirror, but i think theres another step youll have to do.

Not familiar with epic accounts

No, my account is from beginning of th October, 2021. The problem is prbbably in auth methodimplementation, on the singularity, see the attached picture

Asi said im not familiar with epic accounts, im not sure if you have to follow the same process as steam players

Not sure if this will give you any help.

I can’t transform account from EPIC to EVE, only way is to transfer character to new account. But in my situation, the 20e is waste of money. Maybe a developer can comment this issue here I hope, Or give me exception from 20e payment to transfer the account.

Seems that use EPIC was big mistake. But nobody warned me that i’ll be limited in some actions :frowning:

@CCP_Swift @CCP_Aurora

Do these steps works for an Epic account to create a username, as they do for Steam?

No. it’s not possible for EPIC. I’m in the trap i Think

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Bummer, I don’t think there is a fix for this, then. :frowning: You can try a ticket to CCP to see if they are working in a similar option for the future.

CCP doesn’t provide support for the TEST server. so, I think that I’m catched by CATCH XXII :smiley: :joy:

Don’t pose it as wanting to access the test server, present it as wanting a backup for if the connection to EPIC is down - the reason Steam logins got that option in the first place.

Thanks for that article, i was trying to find one similar for EPIC when i found the one i posted which had a March 2022 date.

Hopefully ccp will have a fix

Having the same issue with my EPIC account. Tried the EPIC::2xxxxxxxxx user name and the EPIC redirect login, no joy for either.

Surprised that this has been overlooked, @ [Mkikaden Tiragen] you’re right, if EPICs auth servers drop, the eve accounts need a fallback to be able to login.

CCP completely ignore this issue. Weird


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