Epic games account

exactly this problem:

i can use my Epic games main account to login to this forum. I do use it on Tranquility for nearly a year now. I can use alt accounts that i’ve later created using an invite link on both Tranquility and Singularity. But when i set the launcher to Singularity, and click on the “login with Epic Games” icon, the Epic games login page won’t fully load, but immediately redirect to an error page.

It looks like when CCP started cooperating with Epic Games, they gave them the
eve online website
eve online forums
tranquility game server
adresses to whitelist as allowed login servers, but not
the singularity server.
Is there any chance this will ever be corrected?

I am having this problem as well.

Getting this error from EPIC:

@CCP_Habakuk any details on if this will be a thing?

You have to create a username on the account management page Using this guide. Then you add the account to the launcher and sign in using a username name and password. You’ll have to wait for the next mirror after you create a username. This has been a known problem for Steam and Nexon accounts for quite some time.

unfortunately, the guide only works for STEAM created accounts, not for EPIC ones.

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